• Five things you need to know about Nepali Food

    Nepali people love their food; it’s healthy, nourishing and fresh. There were no fast foods in Nepal as we grew up and eating out was not a culture, but slowly developing now. Since we always get compared with Indian or Sub-continent food, I thought I’d share few things I think why Nepali food is different and you can be the judge.

    It’s not all Daal Bhat

    Daal Baht (Rice with lentils and curry) is the dish in Nepal which most households eat at least twice a day. Most travellers visiting Nepal are introduced to Daal Bhat in Kathmandu or trekking in the Himalayas. However, the thing to remember is Nepal has other delicacies too like Choyala, Bara, Sekuwa, Chowmein, Mo:Mo: and the taste varies depending on where you are from.

    Nepali food is not like or similar to Indian Food

    It is a major misconception that Nepali Food is another version of Indian Food. And most probably I spent the first couple of years at the Hungry Buddha explaining that it is not. We do share some similarities but each cuisine is unique and the spice mix is different. Nepali food tends to be light in spices and not overly hot. Its fresh and the spice complements the vegetables or meat it’s cooked with.


    Dhindo is a traditional food of Nepal, sometimes referred to as national food of Nepal.  It is prepared by bringing hot water in a pan to boil and adding flour while continuously stirring the mix. It is the main meal in various parts of Nepal. Dhindo is traditionally prepared from buckwheat or millet but wheat, corn flour is common as well. The food is high on nutrition level and satisfies the taste buds when eaten with Gundruk soup (another delicacy cooked with dried & fermented green vegetables leaves)

    Mo:Mo:, Mo:Mo & Mo:Mo:  – Enough said

    The steamed dumpling is available at each street corner and is the favorite lunchtime snack for most Nepalese or visitors in Nepal. Mo:Mo: can be made with vegetables, chicken meat or buffalo meat, and when cooked with traditional spices & served with homemade tomato chutney, is sure to impress your taste buds. Every time I go to Nepal, I go to my favorite place in Thamel for mo:mo:’s.

    Pressure Cooker is your best friend

    As we grew up as kids, ovens/microwaves were almost non-existent but the trend is changing now. However, the whistle of pressure cooker meant, mum had just cooked a nice delish curry or lentils. A pressure cooker is almost available in every Nepali kitchen which could cook a delicious & tender goat curry, authentic Nepali way.


    Lachhu Thapa



  • REACH for Nepal Foundation – Fundraising Gala Dinner

    Aug 2017
    - 6 PM -

    REACH for Nepal Foundation (RFN) will be hosting its first major fundraising dinner event on 31 Aug 2017, at Albert Hall, Canberra.

    RFN has been established to provide practical and financial assistance to rural Nepalese communities primarily affected by the earthquake in 2015.

    RFN works to improve the lives of Nepalese people through initiating and supporting programs that assist earthquake-affected communities to rebuild schools and libraries, provide educational scholarships, foster sustainability, enhance the skills of local teachers and extend participation in sporting activities.  RFN’s priority is assisting people in remote areas of Nepal that have not been assisted by other aid agencies. Many of these are only accessible on foot.

    REACH is an acronym that defines the objectives of the foundation:

    • Rebuild – Supporting reconstruction efforts in villages affected by earthquake damage
    • Educate – Boosting education outcomes by providing school books, tuition and training
    • Assist – Stimulating the local economy with employment and training opportunities
    • Children/Communities – Improving the livelihood of children and remote communities
    • Hope – Giving hope to those that have lost loved ones, homes and jobs

    RFN’s central fundraising activity is the facilitation of several fully guided trekking experiences to the Himalayas each year. These combine trekking with volunteer work on a rebuilding project.

    RFN hopes that anevent such as this will help us communicate with our stakeholders to promote the progress we have made in Nepal and also to raise our profile to garner more support for the foundation.

    We look forward to hosting you on the night.



    Date                        31 August 2017, Thursday

    Time                       6 pm – 10:00 pm

    Venue                    Albert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Av, Yarralumla

    Dinner                    Two Course Nepalese Dinner

    Cost                        $350 for the tables of 10

    Contact                  info@reachfornepal.org or 0422 657 897

    Bar                          Drinks available to purchase on the night

    Dress code            Smart Casual, Anything Nepalese

    Proceeds               100% proceeds from the night is passed on to the foundation

    Auction                  Live Auction starts at 9 pm I Silent Auction on the night

    Booking Details

    To book a table, please email us at info@reachfornepal.org with your details. Funds to be deposited with your name against it to the following account –

    Account Name: Reach for Nepal Foundation

    BSB: 062 908

    ACC: 1077 5658


    The Night

    6:00 pm            Arrival

    6:30 pm            Welcome and Presentation on Foundation

    7:00 pm            Nepalese Cultural Dance

    7:30 pm            Mains Served

    8:00 pm           Presentations (TBA)

    8:30 pm           Desserts, Tea & Coffee

    9:00 pm           Live Auction

    9:45 pm           Event Concludes


    Look forward to seeing you there.