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The government of Nepal has announced the year 2020 as Visit Nepal Year in an ambitious aim to bring in 2 million tourists from around the globe. If you haven’t been to Nepal, this is the best time to help plan your next visit to Nepal.

There are many larger events planned throughout 2020 but for lifetime experiences, you can visit Nepal any time of the year and be spellbound.

Boudanath Kathmandu

Dancing with the Gods

You will come across stories of Gods and Goddesses as you walk the streets and alleys of Nepal. Where each day is a celebration of life, there are numerous festivals throughout the year. Nepal is home to the living Goddess, the Kumari – a manifestation of female divinity, who is venerated and worshiped by devotees across the country.

On the way to Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Adventure in the mountains

From the highest mountains in the world to amazing trekking trails, mountaineers, trekkers, and adventurers seek out the Himalayas every year during climbing season. Nepal also offers some of the best white water adventures – rafting and kayaking on thrilling waters and gentle rapids.

Wild Encounters

Explore the lush jungles of the national parks in Chitwan, Bardia and Rara on elephant backs or jeep safaris to spot rhinos grazing in the wild, crocodiles along swampy rivers, and tigers on the prowl.

Somewhere in the Himalayas of Nepal

Food Expeditions

Eating can be a joyful experience in Nepal. From multi-cuisine and specialty restaurants and bars about town to home-cooked meals from traditional kitchens, there’s a huge variety of street food to choose from too.

Journey Within

Nepal can be a journey of true self-discovery. The smell of incense, prayer flags in the wind, the chime of distant bells, butter lamps, the rotation of prayer wheels and mystical chants permeate centres of spiritual learning, monasteries, and temples. The birthplace of Buddha and the abode of Shiva, Nepal is a divine experience. Meditation, yoga, a temple stay or a spiritual sojourn, it draws believers and free thinkers alike.

A suspension bridge in Nepal

Crafts and Creations

Exquisite handicrafts flourish in Nepal. From handmade lokta paper to woven Dhaka shawls and pashmina, from artistic silver and metalware to stone carvings, woodworks, and paintings, there is something magical in the handcrafted products which carry skills that have been passed down generations to retain their authentic traditional roots.

The Nepalese Embassy in Canberra will be set up as a promotional center for the Visit Nepal Year 2020 Campaign.

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