Trade Blockade in the Indian Border to Nepal lifted after almost 4 months



There has been some welcome news in Nepal this week, with the trade blockade called by Nepal’s Madesh group finally lifted on Monday (8 February 2016).

The four-month blockade was the result of Madesh group, an the ethnic minority, asking to amend the constitution to give them greater role in the power structure.

The long-going strike has led to a severe fuel shortages. Last week traders, fed up with the prolonged closure of the border crossing, burned the tents of the Madhesi activists and removed the barriers the Front had placed on the open border with India.

Trucks had already begun moving through the main border point at Birgunj for the first time in more than four months on Friday after the traders chased away the protesters.

Nepal made changes to the constitution to ensure greater participation of the Madhesis in parliament. However, community leaders said the amendments failed to address their central fear of redrawing the provincial borders in a way that would divide them.

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