How to cook Nepalese chicken chilli at home?


In this post, we will teach you how to cook the perfect chicken chilli at home, a famous Nepalese entree.

Chicken chilli – A popular Nepalese entree

Chicken Chilli is one of the most famous snacks in Nepal alongside mo:mo, chowmein and thupka.

There is nothing much to it, really! Get Chicken Leg fillets, dice and marinate it (overnight is always good) before frying it in a bit of oil. Once cooked, you toss it up with some onion, capsicum, tomatoes on a separate pan alongside some spices, and its ready

Prep time: 20 mins, Cook time: 30 mins

Ingredients • Chicken Thighs in small cubes (400 gm) • Capsicum – (Red 1, Green 1) • Onion (1 small, cut in cube sizes) • Shallots/Coriander (some to garnish) • Tomato (1, cut in cube sizes) • Cumin seeds – (half a tea spoon) • Ginger-Garlic Paste (1/2 table spoon each) • Red Chili Paste (1/2 table spoon) • Tomato Ketchup (4 table spoons) • Corriander/Cumin powder • Oil (3 table spoons) • Salt (to taste)

Directions: • Marinade the chicken with bit of oil, ginger/garlic paste, salt, chilli paste • When ready, on low heat fry the chicken until cooked • On a new pan, start off with 2 table spoon of oil • Cumin seeds in, alongside the onions • Salt to taste • Throw in the chicken, you just cooked on the side • Put in more ginger/garlic, chilli paste, cumin/coriander powder (all the spices) • Toss for a while • Throw in the capsicum, fresh tomatoes & tomato ketchup, and toss for 30 seconds and you are done • Put in fresh coriander/shallots just before serving

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