Don’t forget about post-earthquake Nepal, Reach for Nepal founder urges


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Almost one year after the devastating Nepal earthquakes, Canberra’s Lachhu Thapa says villages in the hardest hit regions still need Australians’ support to rebuild.

CANBERRA, Monday 28 March 2016 – After a fundraising tour to the epicentre of the 2015 Nepal earthquake earlier this month, the founder of aid organisation Reach for Nepal, Lachhu Thapa, has urged Canberrans to continue their support for the earthquake-ravaged nation.


Six adventurous Canberrans joined Lachhu to rebuild a water tank in a remote school in Nepal’s Gorkha district, just kilometres away from where the earthquake did the most damage. The trip was organised by Himalayan tour company The Buddha Odyssey to raise money for the Reach for Nepal Foundation. It was the first rebuilding tour coordinated by the two organisations. While rebuilding efforts will take years, even the Gorkha district is open for business. Lachhu says the best way to support earthquake recovery is through tourism.

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“The media coverage that Nepal received in the West after the earthquake was horrific. It showed the fear in the Nepalese people because they hadn’t experienced an earthquake of this magnitude in generations, but on the ground things are different” he says.

“Nepal is rebuilding. After the quake, it lost its greatest income source: tourism.” Lachhu says highlights of his most recent trip including camping in a village for four nights and getting his hands dirty building the water tank. “It was great to see the smiles of kids running around, hearing the village elders say ‘Namaste’ to acknowledge our work and the festival atmosphere during our four-day stay. “It was an authentic cultural experience and a showcase of Nepal’s welcoming hospitality despite incredible hardship in recent months,” he says.

For less adventurous locals, Lachhu says they can support Nepal in two ways:

  1. Joining the foundation for a screening of Australian documentary Sherpa on 31 March

Reach for Nepal has organised a fundraising screening of Sherpa on 31 March at 7pm at Manuka’s Event Cinemas.  Tickets are $20 with all profits going directly to the foundation. Go to the Facebook event page for more information:

  1. Attending The Hungry Buddha’s next fundraising dinner on 5 May 2016

The previous dinner raised $5100 for the Reach for Nepal Foundation, and the funds were used to buy water tank materials for this month’s rebuilding trip. Call (02) 6285 2425 to book.


About the Reach for Nepal Foundation

In April 2015, Nepal was devastated by the region’s worst earthquake in 80 years. The 7.8 magnitude quake and its aftershocks killed over 8000 people, flattened villages and left thousands injured. As one of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal can’t rebuild alone. This is especially true for rural and remote villages where access to aid is limited.

The REACH for Nepal Foundation is a registered charity that provides practical and financial assistance to rural Nepalese communities affected by the earthquake.

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