Reach for Nepal Foundation

In April 2015, Nepal was devastated by the region’s worst earthquake in 80 years. The 7.8 magnitude quake and its aftershocks killed over 8000 people, flattened villages and left thousands injured. Experts say rebuilding will cost billions of dollars. As one of the world’s poorest countries, Nepal can’t rebuild alone. This is especially true for rural and remote villages where access to aid is limited.

Immediately after the earthquakes, REACH For Nepal Foundation (RFN) was formed alongside friends of the Hungry Buddha. Since its inception RFN looks to provide practical and financial assistance to rural Nepalese communities affected by the earthquake. REACH is an acronym and stands for –

  • Rebuild – Supporting reconstruction efforts in villages affected by earthquake damage
  • Educate – Boosting education outcomes by providing school books, tuition and training
  • Assist – Stimulating the local economy with employment and training opportunities
  • Children/Communities – Improving the livelihood of children and remote communities (providing)
  • Hope – Giving hope to those that have lost loved ones, homes and jobs

RFN is a registered charity with the Australian Charities Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) & also a registered business (ABN 30 607 659 567).

The charity has also appointed 2016 Olympic gold medallist Kim Brennan as its first ambassador, a position she is “incredibly proud” to hold. (18 Apr 2017)

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