MO:MO: Night for Reach for Nepal – Booked out

Nov 2016


So how about this folks, get a group of 8 or 10 (only 12 tables available) $40 per person and lets do Nepalese mo:mo: in a proper way! & that too for a cause

Reach For Nepal Foundation founder/ director, Lachhu & two other matesBen & Yog are heading over to India at the end of the year, to drive a rickshaw for 2750km, from Cochin to Jaiselmer and raise money for the foundation.

So get in a group, come in participate on a Trivia Night – Nepal Theme & we will be working towards other item nepalese too, like nepalese dance and live music, but cant promise 🙂

What’s included on the ticket?

• Four types of mo:mo: coming out to your table in the interval of about 30 minutes each (chicken mo:mo: / vegetarian mo:mo: / lamb mo:mo: / palak paneer mo:mo: – still thinking of some exciting ideas)
• Wine – Shiraz (red) or Pinot Grigio (white) served on the table
• $20, donated to the foundation, per ticket
• Lucky door prize

The Event is now totally booked out (9 Sep 2016)

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