Talk to us about your next Nepal Adventure!

What does the Buddha Odyssey offer?

The Buddha Odyssey specialises in organising private group tours in Nepal.

The Buddha Odyssey has a successful track record of tailoring trips in Nepal for specific individual group needs.

These trips range from trekking the various scenic mountain ranges of Nepal (arguably the most picturesque in the world), through to adventurous climbing expeditions, and everything in between, including photography, yoga, mountain bike riding, river rafting etc.  Our only limitation is your imagination!

The Buddha Odyssey can organise these adventures for your group, whether you are part of a school, sporting team, corporate management team, special interest group, or just a group of friends.

The minimum size of the group is six people, so tell us your needs and we can provide you with a highly competitive priced package.

Who are we?

The Buddha Odyssey is a family-owned Canberra business that began its operations in 2014 and has progressively expanded it’s business each year  since then.

After successfully establishing The Hungry Buddha restaurant in Canberra in 2011, Lachhu was regularly drawn back to Nepal, often, 2-3 times a year, to trek the Himalayas.

At the time, Raju, Lachhu’s brother lived in the UK and was on his way home to Nepal. Raju had been a trekking guide in Nepal for over 15 years prior to moving to the UK.

Because both brothers loved the Himalayas, they wanted to share their passion to enable others to experience what the Himalayas have to offer. Soon after the brothers came together, The Buddha Odyssey was born.

Now, nearly into the 4th year of operation, The Buddha Odyssey is a leading group travel provider to Nepal from Canberra. The Buddha Odyssey has led successful trekking, mountain bike and community rebuild/yoga trips to Nepal since we began in 2014.

We are now in the process of planning school and university educational & community rebuild tours to Nepal in 2018 and beyond.