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Nepal on track welcome a million tourists in 2017

Nepal tourism is on track to reach the magic figure of 1 million arrivals by the end of the year, industry watchers said. Analysts have based their projection on arrival trends for the first 10 months (January-October) of 2017 when the number of visitors jumped 25.47 percent to 757,448 individuals.

According to the Department of Immigration, arrival figures were buoyed by the growth in the number of travellers from India, the US, China and Europe. Nepal received 153,792 more tourists in the first 10 months of this year compared to the same period last year. The figure includes overland arrivals.


Arrivals in October, the peak tourist season, reached an all-time high of 112,492 individuals. Considering hotel and airline booking trends, November is expected to be a very productive month with arrival figures expected to break all past records. Travel trade entrepreneurs predict that November is expected to record more than 130,000 tourists.

“The growth puts Nepal on a path to record arrivals,” said senior hotel entrepreneur Yogendra Sakya. “This is an achievement that should make us all proud, irrespective of the 2015 earthquake, subsequent trade embargo and crumbling infrastructure at the country’s sole international airport,” said Sakya.

The private sector and the Nepal Tourism Board have poured a lot of money into promoting Nepal. “But beyond that, social media has emerged as a key tool. People obtain a true story and true picture on social media connecting Nepal across the globe.”

Nepal has been featured regularly in different foreign publications and media as top destinations to visit in 2017. With the improved arrivals, revenue from tourism is also expected to beat expectations.

The growth prospects have also prompted investors to inject billions of rupees into the aviation industry. Travel trade entrepreneurs said that the entire sector, ranging from hotels to restaurants and airlines to trekking, had witnessed a boom in terms of earnings.
Source – Kathmandu Post

Travel Industry should stand in solidarity with Nepal in 2016 & beyond

Travel Industry should stand in solidarity with Nepal
The damage & death from the April 2015 Earthquake in Nepal dented the nerve of the global travel industry community. For travellers and travel professionals alike, Nepal has always ranked as one of the world’s ultimate bucket list destinations. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s fourteen highest mountains including Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak.

The country’s mixture of scenic majesty, rich history, cultural diversity and spirituality as the birthplace of Buddha and numerous sites sacred to Hinduism attracts holiday makers, pilgrims and adventurers. The news of 9,000 deaths including over 100 international tourists, damage to some of the country’s iconic historic sites and the temporary closure of Everest base camp due to an avalanche triggered by the quake spurred the global tourism industry to express its sympathy for Nepal through financial contributions from a wide range of tourism associations and individual tourism businesses. Over 40 governments committed themselves to assist Nepal with relief and rescue teams and wide range of material support.

As we commence 2016 Nepal is ready and extend its renowned hospitality to tourists. In a normal year, Nepal’s tourism industry employs almost half a million people. Many of these jobs and the livelihoods they provide for Nepalese families are under threat. Unfortunately, the perception created by extensive reportage of Nepal in the mainstream media has created a false impression that Nepal is too badly damaged for tourism, resulting is a severe slump in international arrivals since May 2015. Nepal certainly bears the scars of the earthquake but its hotels, guest houses and lodges are open. Its trekking routes including the Everest base camp route are open for visitors and Nepal’s many world heritage sites are open to be experienced and Nepal lives up to its promise as one of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

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