Nepal earthquake leave hundreds of thousands in desperate need


The powerful earthquake that struck northwest of Kathmandu on Saturday 25 April has left thousands dead.

The earthquake unleashed a huge avalanche that killed climbers in the Mount Everest region. 38 out of 75 districts have been affected by the earthquake, including rural areas and two densely populated cities—Kathmandu and Pokhara. There has been massive destruction. Buildings have collapsed, cell phone networks are down in many areas, and power is out. Hospitals are overcrowded and running out of medical supplies.

Thanks for overwhelming support messages and constant follow up of how we are aiming to fundraise. So we have decided to do the following in stages;

1.  Immediately starting collecting money and send it over to Red Cross in Nepal for servicing the greatest need at the time, such as providing food, drinking water, shelter and rebuilding. There will be donation box located at “The Hungry Buddha” and also our café “Wheat and Oats” Phillip. The money will be collected every two days and sent it to Nepal to provide immediate relief.

2. Dinner is $50 per head, for 2 courses on the menu with $25 going directly to the Red Cross. There will be Nepalese items for sale, and 100% proceeds will go to the fund.

Dinner Tuesday 12th May

Dinner Thursday 14th May

3. Donate immedately through registered charities. Two charities that have very little overhead (> 1%) are Map International and Direct Relief.

Map International

Direct Relief


The Hungry Buddha is raising money for much needed victims. There is no administration costs involved, 100% of the proceeds will go the Red Cross.